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Buying a house is likely to be the most expensive purchase you will ever make – that’s why it’s so important to know as much as possible about the building before you commit.

Is it structurally sound?

Will the roof need replacement in the next few years?

Does the insulation need improving?

A thorough Building Survey or HomeBuyer Report carried out by a qualified and experienced building surveyor can help answer these kinds of questions, and offers you a firm foundation upon which to make an informed decision about your property purchase.


A Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection of a building which is appropriate for any property, but especially suitable for older properties (including Listed Buildings) and for buildings of unusual construction. It can be particularly useful if you are planning to renovate the property or if it has been previously altered or extended.

db+PAUL - Building SurveysA Building Survey provides you with the peace of mind when purchasing a property and allows you to make informed decisions to help in your negotiations. The Survey covers all accessible parts of the property and the report will describe the construction, explain any defects found and the repairs necessary and will also outline future maintenance requirements.

In addition it will highlight issues for your Legal Advisor (such as boundary ownership, rights of way etc.) and potential Planning/ Listed Building Consent issues, should you intend to extend or renovate the property.Specific areas of concern can also be commented on upon request.

We can also provide a reinstatement cost assessment for insurance purposes for a supplementary fee.

db+PAUL have more than 30 years’ experience of carrying out Building Surveys in the Wells and Mid-Somerset area, and with this unrivalled local knowledge you can be confident that your Survey will tell you all you need to know about your new home. To discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote for a Building Survey, call the office on 01749 677169.


db+PAUL - Home Buyer ReportsA RICS HomeBuyer Report is similar to a Building Survey, but follows a standard user-friendly format set out by the RICS, with a ‘traffic-light’ system indicating the general condition of each element of the property. It is less in-depth than a full Building Survey and is usually more appropriate for properties built within the last 150 years which are in apparently reasonable condition and have not been significantly altered or extended.

The report provides information on defects and gives repair advice. It will also highlight issues for your Legal Advisor (such as boundary ownership, rights of way etc.) and if you require a reinstatement cost calculation for insurance purposes, we can also provide this as an optional extra.

To obtain a quote for a RICS HomeBuyer Report, call the office on 01749 677169.


A Schedule of Dilapidations identifies items of disrepair and defects to be made good by the Tenant of a property prior to the expiry of the lease agreement with the Landlord. This document can be referred to by the landlord or the tenant in case of disputes. Wherever possible we will look at the lease documents before preparing our report so that an accurate repair schedule can be determined which relates to the lease requirements of the property.

db+PAUL - Schedule of DilapidationWe can also carry out detailed Condition Surveys for any type of property. This survey is essential at the beginning of a lease to record the condition of the building in detail. If necessary we can look at the long-term routine maintenance requirements of any building and provide detail Life Cycle Schedules including costings.

We can also produce maintenance programme plans and prepare schedules of work. All of these can be invaluable where repairing covenants form part of a lease. A Schedule of Condition may also be carried out in the preparation of a Party Wall Award.

db+PAUL have an impeccable record of carrying out Schedules of Dilapidations to the highest standard, so if you would like a quote call the office now on 01749 677169.


We can provide a detailed Repair and Maintenance Survey and report, and offer advice when you are buying a Listed Building on issues such as limitations which could affect future work you plan to do to the building.

db+PAUL - Listed Building RepairThis survey will detail the building’s current condition and the necessary long term routine maintenance legally required for listed buildings.

If you already own a Listed Building we can offer advice on restoration techniques and proposed alterations and improvements.

Many old buildings are not listed but are located in Conservation Areas where there are similar restrictions on alterations.

We have a good working relationship with the Local Authority Conservation Officers and can guide you through the complex procedures to obtain Listed Building Consent.


db+PAUL - Rebuilding Cost AssessmentA reinstatement cost assessment, usually carried out for insurance purposes, calculates the cost of rebuilding a property of a similar standard if your property were to be completely destroyed.

For houses, reinstatement cost figure is calculated according to the current BCIS Guide to House Rebuilding Costs. This can be carried out as part of your Building Survey or HomeBuyer Report.