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Improve or repair a listed property whilst protecting its historical status.

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Are you buying or planning renovations to a Listed Property in Somerset?

Listed building consent is a type of planning permission for historical or architecturally significant buildings. If you are buying or planning to make alterations to a Listed Building, you will need to check if prior permission is required from your local authority.

Even if your property isn’t listed, it could be in a conservation area with similar restrictions. Our chartered surveyors are highly experienced in working with listed building consent and conservation areas, as there is a considerable amount across Somerset, Dorset & Devon.

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What building survey should you have for Listed Buildings?

Before buying your listed property, it is vital to have experienced Listed Building Surveyors visit. During our survey, we will inspect and share our expertise on caring for your new home. We will also offer advice on issues that could affect future plans for building work.

A Building Survey (level 3) is a comprehensive building inspection. It is recommended for any property, but especially suitable for older properties (including Listed Buildings) and buildings of unusual construction.

Listed building status can also result in the requirement for planning permission where it wouldn’t ordinarily be required! It is a criminal offence to carry out works requiring formal Listed Building Consent without obtaining it beforehand.

Do you need listed building consent for repair & maintenance?

If any repairs or maintenance affect the architectural or historical character of your property, you will need Listed Building Consent.

During the purchasing process, our chartered surveyors will complete a detailed survey covering the general condition and construction of the listed building. This survey will also detail the necessary long term routine maintenance legally required for listed buildings.

If you already own a Listed Building, we can offer advice on restoration techniques for proposed alterations and improvements. We also work with a range of trust suppliers that we’d be happy to recommend or liaise with on your behalf.

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What are the special characteristics of Listed Buildings?

Listed buildings are considered of national importance: They have extra legal protection because of their unique character or historical/cultural significance.

Listed building consent safeguards against the loss of historic fabric and features. Any special or historical characteristics will be noted on your listing. For example, mullion windows, vaulted ceilings or roman tiled roofs could all be protected characteristics.

Whether you’re planning repairs, replacements or even just redecorations, it is best to double-check any legal requirements. Contact us to discuss Listing Building Consent or to liaise with the Conservation Officer from your Local Authority.

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Listed Building Project Management

Not only do we provide full building surveys, but we can also support you with architectural drawings or renovation advice.

What’s next for your listed building?

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