Schedules of Dilapidation

Sets out a tenant’s lease liabilities concerning the physical condition of the property.

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Establish your rental property’s condition due to poor maintenance

A Schedule of Dilapidation identifies areas of disrepair and defects to be rectified by the Tenant before the lease agreement’s expiry. It helps ensure the Tenant meets their lease terms and returns the property to the Landlord in good condition.

In case of disputes, this document can be referred to by the Landlord or Tenant and helps to protect both sides in any rental agreement.

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Types of Schedules of Dilapidation

The type of Schedule of Dilapidation depends upon when it is served during the lease. An interim schedule is served during the term of the lease, allowing the Tenant time to remedy outstanding repairs or maintenance.

A terminal schedule is served just towards or soon after the rental period. To protect everyone’s best interests, we recommend carrying out Condition Surveys before the lease agreement.

Repair Schedules for Rental Properties

As part of our service, we can produce planned maintenance programmes and repair schedules for your property with budgeted costs and timings. The tenant’s responsibilities could include redecoration, reinstatement or repair of the rental property.

Wherever possible, we will look at the lease documents before preparing our report to determine an accurate repair schedule that relates to the property’s lease requirements.

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Not only do we provide Schedules of Dilapidation, but we can also support you with building surveys or building regulation approval.

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